A Step Away

11:52 PM

For the past few months you might have noticed that I have taken a step back from posting on this website. I haven't forgotten about this blog. It's just that I was going through some things in my life (outside of the internet) and I thought it would be wise to stop posting for a while.

I've been contemplating how I should even write this post for a while now. I don't want to suddenly announce my return to this blog and promise that I will continue to update it. I feel like I've done that in the past, but then I stop posting and have to re-announce my return again.


I think I struggle with being hyper critical with myself. It's hard for me to post things online because I'm afraid of what others are going to think about it in the future.

A prime example: I've removed all my posts starting from 2010-2014. They aren't permanently deleted. I've just taken them down for now. Maybe if I feel more comfortable in the future, I'll put them back up again. I know that removing posts from the blog creates some trouble. A lot of the links that you might click on the blog might be "broken" or lead to blank pages. For that, I apologize. I never really know which post I'm going to remove.

If a post doesn't meet my "standard", I feel oblige to delete it and erase any trace of the post. Sometimes I look back on my old posts and realize that I wrote something that doesn't really reflect who I am as a person currently. So I promptly delete the post or just hide it from view.

I want to become more confident with the content that I post on this blog. I have noticed that the posts that have managed to stay on this blog are posts that I put a lot of effort into the writing and the photo editing. I think it's about time that I find that creative spark that has led me to love blogging. If I had to name a main goal for myself:


Here's to deleting less posts and taking pride in the things that I write! 

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