Finally Meeting the Boyfriend

12:10 PM

Just as the title suggests, I think it is finally time that you meet my boyfriend Jacky! Yes, for those of you wondering, we both have the same name. His name is just spelled slightly different.

I met Jacky in 2016, my last year at San Jose State University. (Now that I've graduated, I don't feel the need to hide where I went to college.) We are both Psychology majors and we had a couple of classes together. He came up to me one day after class and told me that we both had the same name. Also, he shared with me that he hated blueberries (which really stood out to me because I like blueberry muffins lol). That day in class, we had to talk about our coolest experience in life. He shared a story about a time he chased after a robber who tried to steal a woman's purse. I thought that was very respectable and brave.

We also had our Advanced Research Methods class together and we were in the same group project. Our group topic was on the attractiveness bias and how attractive criminals are less likely to be sentenced harshly in comparison to their less attractive peers. In our time together, we became really close because we had a lot of things in common.

Same name aside, we share many things in common. Our favorite number is 3, we can both eat really spicy food, our favorite Pokemon is Gengar, our favorite card is the Jack of Spades, we are both sorted into the Slytherin house (in the Harry Potter Universe), our mothers have the same maiden name, and our favorite food is spaghetti. There are actually many more common traits, but these are just the most notable ones. When I first met him, I have to admit, I thought he was copying me. But after getting to know him, I came to realize that we truly did share all of these common traits with each other.

Random Fact: I once had a 7 hour long phone conversation with Jacky. 
To this day, this is the longest phone conversation I have ever had with anyone.

So now that you have finally met Jacky, you will all be seeing him more often on the blog and the Youtube channel! I do have to say one more thing on the topic, please do not stalk or send threatening messages to him. Blogging & vlogging my life is my hobby, and in some kind of way, my side "profession". I am open to criticisms and comments (I am also aware that my social media is public), but this is my hobby and not necessarily his. I try my best to respect his privacy and would like it if you do the same.

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