Color Factory

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A few days I go, I had the pleasure of visiting the Color Factory exhibit in San Francisco! 

Color factory, according to their take away postcard: 

"Color Factory is a 12,000 sq. ft. pop-up, open August 2017 in San Francisco, exploring color as experience. Visitors will move through two stories of color in over 15 exhibits: lose yourself in 10,000 colored ribbons, sink into a giant yellow ball pit, catch some rainbows, smell colorful memories, and taste a spectrum of treats. Put on your favorite hue and come to us for color!"

It is basically a large building filled with different color exhibits!

Color Factory building from the outside
We arrived to our appointed time, a little before 10AM! (The ticket recommends coming within 30 minutes of your appointed time). Christie and I were the second group in line for the exhibit. We only waited for a few minutes before our appointment. Each group is ushered in within a few minutes of each other so that there isn't much crowding. I would highly recommend coming in early, so that, you can take lots of photos without having to worry about overcrowding.

Welcome sign to Color Factory
Once you walk into the building, they will check your ID, your bag, and then scan your ticket. Someone will briefly explain the rules. You can stay inside each room for as long as you like and take as many photos as you want. However, they ask that you do not walk back into rooms you have already visited. 

After the rules have been explained, you will enter a room and be given a small card with a QR code. You create a small Color Factory account with your name and email. You scan this card at the photo stations all around the exhibits and your photos will be emailed to you!

Me awkwardly posing with my photo card

A rotating table with sparkly meringues 

While at Color Factory, be prepared to try their treats! I wasn't aware that we could take a meringue. We both thought the meringues were part of the installation, so we didn't take one. It wasn't until we walked into the next room that we were told that we could eat it. Don't forget to try one! 

I know what you must be thinking by this point of the blogpost: 

"Why would I need to go to Color Factory, if you already posted
 all the photos from inside the exhibit?" 


"Thanks for spoiling the exhibit for me." 

So let me just take the time now to say, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this blogpost. Another thing, I didn't post a photo from every room in this blogpost. I also didn't post any photos of the foods and drinks (beside the meringues) you can try while at Color Factory. If you really don't want to be spoiled, I highly suggest you stop reading right here. Otherwise, be prepared to see color all throughout this post!

The blue room isn't the first room that you will see at the exhibit, but it appears to be the first room with a photo booth in it. Like I mentioned before, you scan your photo card and they email the photos to you. You can continuously scan your card and take as many photos as you want! Here are a few examples of what your photos could look like! 

Photo Booth Photo from inside the blue room

This room filled with giant blue balloons was sponsored by Alaska Airlines.

It was a lot of fun posing in front of the balloons!


Have you ever wanted to take moody Instagram photos with dark lighting? Well this room is perfect for you. The room is illuminated by the lights coming from large Lite Brites. You can arrange the lights in the room however you'd like. 

The end result? Moody photos perfect for your Instagram aesthetic!

So moody

Christie arranged the Lite Brites into a heart

Be prepared to have fun in the Green Room! This quirky room is covered in adorable doodles all colored in varying shades of green! You can even be the artist in this room. There are two large markers within this room that you can use to color on the wall.

Wall filled with green doodles!

Posing with the giant green markers

Coloring the walls inside the green room

Another Instagram worthy moment, diving into a sea of rainbow ribbons! You can lose yourself inside the jungle of ribbons. (If you have small children, please be careful as the ribbon could wrap around their neck). 

Me emerging from my natural habitat

Just letting you know now, you might have some issue taking photos in this room. The lighting is a bit difficult, and inside the red room is a single red staircase. You might have to snap your photo and go, as others may be trying to walk up the staircase. Luckily, I was able to get a few quick photos without blocking the stairs. 


There is an array of rainbow windows with soft bright lighting leading into a room full of confetti. By far one of the most popular attractions in the exhibit is the confetti room! If you're looking for that perfect Instagram photo, the confetti room might be the one you're willing to wait for. You might need to line up to go in, as it is a popular room. While a family was taking their time with their photos in the confetti room, we stood by the rainbow windows taking photos. 

I feel like I'm on the set of a Korean drama lol! 

Me thinking about what to eat for dinner

Finally it was our time to take photos in the confetti room! You might want to take several photos to get the perfect one. I recommend throwing the confetti around the 2 second mark on the photo booth timer. That way you can get the confetti raining down on you in the photo! 

Out of all the confetti photos, I think this one was the best one that we took!
It was definitely worth the wait!

The confetti room was sponsored by method

When was the last time you were in a ball pit? That is one of the more serious questions you think about while inside the yellow room. Be careful of your belongings in this room. You will need to take off your shoes and hang your bag up on the wall. The staff inside this room will also warn you that people have lost their belongings inside the ball pit. 

The ball pit

Another photo booth photo!

This is exactly what it feels like when you're in the pit

The Yellow room is the last exhibit you will see before leaving. It is quite fun, but also tiring. Wading through a pool of yellow balls can be quite exhausting. Luckily there's a bathroom inside this room that you can use before leaving. 

Overall, Color Factory was fun! It took us about an hour to walk through the entire exhibit. If you're looking to take some cool photos, this is definitely the place to go! You will get many vibrant shots. The change in color and lighting can also change the mood of your photos. 

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