Where I've Been

12:47 PM

Feels like it has been a million years since I've updated this blog! I just lost a bit of motivation to write anything, but for some reason today, I felt the need to write something. Just looking back now, I realized that I haven't posted anything since June! Wow I really need to pick up the slack lol!

These past few months, I've been working! I am currently still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my life (post graduating from college)! There have been a lot of really large life changes once again. I've been going to job interviews and pushing myself out of my own comfort zone. I've seriously been put through the test in terms of how I viewed the world. A little part of me feels like I've become tougher. I think I've grown up a bit!

The world seems to be a lot larger now. I am still trying to navigate through new experiences and taking things one step at a time :]! So here's to trying new things and learning from mistakes and moving forward!

I've been meaning to start posting things, but it seems like I constantly fall into a pit where I completely stop. Hopefully now, I'll continue to update my social medias :P! Check back soon for more stuff!

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