Eggie Sweater

8:02 PM

Hello everybody! It is finally time to do a quick update. Since I haven't really been writing (post graduation), I feel like my writing has been suffering quite a bit. I kind of want to work on my writing by updating this blog!

In this week's vlog, we went skateboarding, had a surprise early birthday brunch at El Techo, and then my Eggie sweater finally came in the mail! I've been trying to find ways to update my blog more often now that I have some free time. So let's start!

I used to skateboard in high school. Though it wasn't very often. I believe there might be a few blogposts on this blog which talk about skating. I painted my own skateboard a while back. (This is the skateboard that I use to this day.) I am actually currently working on painting another skateboard too! I think I've made a post about it on Twitter. For now that board is stuck in the "unfinished art" category. I think skateboarding has made a reoccurrence into my life. I might get one of those electric skateboards some day in the future!

So earlier this month, Christie told me that she wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday. Unfortunately for the both of us, our schedules were pretty busy. So we decided to schedule an early birthday brunch instead! I had no idea where she was going to take me. She wanted to completely surprise me. So on the day of, I got into an Uber and we headed to the Mission in SF.

We arrived to a place called El Techo and we ate brunch there! The view from the top of the rooftop was breathtaking! You can see the entire city and it was super nice. We had Sangrias and Margaritas. It was definitely a memorable experience :)!

Thanks for the early birthday brunch C-dawg!

Jenn Im from clothesencounters started her own clothing company! The brand itself is called Eggie which means "baby" in Korean. When I watched the Eggie announcement video, I decided to visit the website and purchase a sweater! The Eggie Oversize Hoodie matched my overall aesthetic and I decided to get it.

The sweater itself is meant to be big. (I think I could've sized down!) It is super comfy and I can image myself wearing the sweater on lazy days or on travel days. I think the only complaint that I have about the hoodie is the sleeves. The sleeves are extremely long! Although not a big deal breaker, maybe it could've been slightly shorter? I think this is dependent on how long / tall you are. I am about 5'2". The sleeves reach all the way down to my knees. Perhaps if you are a taller person, the sleeves won't be as long?

Sleeves aside, I liked the hoodie. Specifically, I like the hood! I think the print / font looks nice and it's also black and red which matches my theme. I believe the hoodie is currently sold out, but I'll leave a link to the website!

Shout out to Jenn Im for starting her own clothing company! It's really great that she found something that she's passionate about. As stated in her announcement video, she really struggled after being rejected from university straight out of high school. She thought things weren't going her way, but looking to how much she has grown now, she has really established herself. It's really encouraging to see someone really struggle, but find their way. So big props to you Jenn!

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