Crown & Crumpet Holiday Tea Party

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This is the first post of 2017! Hooray, we've survived another year on this planet!
As you all know, December is always a busy time. There are many holiday celebrations, friends coming back from university, and time to spend with family. Basically, winter season can be a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective. I believe the highlight of December was attending Crown & Crumpet's Holiday Tea Party at the Sir Francis Drake hotel for my sister's birthday!

(aka my aesthetic! LOL jk)
The main lobby at Sir Francis Drake
The first thing that popped into my head was American Horror Story: Hotel. With double staircases and gothic old Hollywood furnishings, it felt like I had been teleported into the Hotel Cortez. For those of you who have not watched American Horror Story, this is what the Hotel Cortez looks like:

The Hotel Cortez from American Horror Story (Image Source: Link)
Although not 100% resembling the Cortez, Sir Frances Drake Hotel definitely fit into a similar aesthetic. It felt quite old and spooky. There's history written within the walls and secrets tightly kept within the tapestry. This would be the perfect place for departed spirits and ghastly apparitions to meet their final resting place.

All spookiness aside, the Christmas decorations brought warmth to the otherwise gaunt hotel.

An ornate Christmas tree stood cheerfully at the center of the event.

Strawberry Field's Tea
Crown & Crumpet has an assortment of different teas listed on their menu. For this visit, we decided to try the Strawberry Field's tea. According to the website, this tea is a green tea steeped with vanilla and a hint of strawberry.

Complimentary Champagne!
As part of the event, we were also served champagne! Yes, I am aware that this was supposed to be a tea party event where the tea is the main star. However, when complimentary champagne comes calling, there is no room to refuse!

Delicate tea party foods 
One thing that I really appreciated about the service from Crown & Crumpet was their attention to detail. Before serving us our food, the waitress asked if we had any food allergies or special dietary needs. I briefly mentioned that I do not eat meat. Once the display of food came to our table, the waitress kindly shifted the dishes so that all the vegetarian options would be facing in my direction. She also went into great detail about what each layer of the display had to offer. 

A variety of sweet treats

Blueberry Scones served with Clotted Cream, Lemon Curd, & Raspberry Jam

Egg Salad Sandwich, Vegetable Quiche, & Cucumber Cream Cheese Bites

Happy Birthday Christie c:
Of course, we cannot forget the main reason why we went. This was all in celebration for Christie's 24th birthday. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you all the best with this coming year. Hopefully we can go on more adventures and write more bomb blogposts! Haha we "do it for the blogposts" xD!

Complimentary Champagne! (I swear I'm not an alcoholic LOL!)

Crown & Crumpet tea parties are definitely unique! As my second time attending (You can read about our first adventure on Christie's blog here), I am still amazed at the hospitality and warmth of the experience. There aren't many events like it in SF at all. Yes, I must say that it is a bit of a pricey event. However, it is perfect for those days where you want to feel like royalty. You will definitely feel special and be treated well. So I must end by saying that this may not be my last visit to Crown & Crumpet. Perhaps in the future, I will go again :)!

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