Thanksgiving in Los Angeles

4:43 PM

Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving was about a month ago! There are a lot of travel posts that I haven't created yet, but I will! (I took a lot of photos while in Japan that I can't wait to show you guys! I have no idea when that will be up, but most definitely in the next few weeks!) I will attempt to tackle all of them over winter break. Now that I'm back at home and my computer is set up, I am ready to begin updating this blog! So look out for abajillion lateposts coming your way!

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to LA with my family and some of my family friends. If I had to be honest, I had a lot of mixed feelings about my trip which I will describe in detail a little bit later on.

Fun Factory Mural
One of the first places that we went to was Redondo Beach! I've actually never been to this beach before. (Or perhaps I have, but just forgot!) It's not my first time in LA. I actually go to LA every so often with my family! I took this photo in front of the arcade.

As you guys all know by now, I really enjoy playing games! The arcade was a bit small, but it had a lot of the staple games like skee ball, basketball hoop games, and my personal favorite, GUITAR HERO! Yes, I love playing Guitar Hero! I know that Guitar Hero isn't exactly a traditional arcade game, but it's always going to be my favorite. I could spend ALL my arcade tokens on Guitar Hero. I play it so much that everyone gets slightly annoyed :P! But anyways, I had a lot of fun playing arcade games at Redondo Beach!  

Christie & I snap a selfie at the beach
There were a bunch of families hanging out at the beach. The sun was shining, and overall, the scenery was just perfect! Also, I was surprised at how clean the beach looked! I wish I had more actual scenery photos of the beach. 

Cajun Fries w/ Beer Battered Shrimp
These Cajun fries with shrimp was absolutely delicious! The fries weren't too salty and the lemon seriously complimented it so well. The outside of the shrimp was also crunchy, but still soft and fluffy on the inside!

Lobster Bisque w/ Crackers
The lobster bisque was good as well. Although, it was a bit saltier than I expected it to be. I'm not a big fan of lobster, but this was actually done pretty well!

The semi-awkward part about this vacation was that we went to eat at Korean Barbecue twice for dinner. As a non-meat eater, there isn't much that I can eat at KBBQ places. Yes, I can eat the vegetables and order rice plates, but it's not really worth the price. Also it was awkward that everyone questioned what I was going to eat. As the only vegetarian, I tried my best not to make things complicated.

I got to drink Soju with my sister and take some food pictures! That was a plus!
Thinly Sliced Beef w/ Kabocha Squash

KBBQ grill: Egg, Corn Cheese, & Assortment of Vegetables
It was interesting watching the meat cook on the grill. At this particular KBBQ restaurant, they cook the meat for you. The server that cooked our meat was very intense! He was so skilled and pretty much dictated when we could eat the meat vs when the meat was not ready.

Kimchi Tofu Soup
This kimchi tofu soup was delicious! It was one of the few items on the menu that I could actually eat. I sort of wish there was more kimchi in it though!

[[ Top: Nathaniel, Justin, and Derrick // Bottom: Christie, Me, and Crystal ]]
As tradition states, we always stop by Solvang, a Denmark themed city. I've been coming here ever since I was a little child. I highly recommend the cookie and ice cream shop there! I don't exactly know the name of the shop, but you'll know what I'm talking about. The themed city isn't that large. I believe there are only two ice cream shops there. You'll definitely be able to find it with ease! 

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