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It has been about two years since I've completely dyed my hair! Time flies by so quickly. I believe the last time I dyed my hair was in 2013! You can check it out here [Hair Dye Time]. (Though, let me just say that the quality of photos isn't too great!) 

Surprisingly enough, "Hair Dye Time" is my second most popular blog entry on this website. I'm not too sure why, but I'm assuming you guys enjoy seeing hair transformations? If so, I guess I should change up my hair every so often!

I decided to change up my hair because I grew bored of the same dark brown color. About two years ago, I wanted to grow out my hair and stay away from any kind of hair treatments. This is because my hair was severely damaged from bad box dye, perms, and lack of proper hair care. I ultimately stopped coloring my hair and just let all the dead parts grow out.

Palty Hair Dye

I came across this hair dye at the Japanese supermarket. I've seen this brand many times, usually at Asian supermarkets and beauty supply stores. Every time I passed by, I kept telling myself, "I really want to try it out!" However, I never really had the time and I was abstaining from any kind of chemical hair treatments.

This time, I finally had the courage to try it out. Of course, it was a little bit intimidating trying to find the right color. I'm not sure what the name of the color of this dye was. (I cannot read Japanese!) I just went with what I thought would work best with my natural hair color.

Back of the Box Color Chart

Before you buy hair dye, you usually check out the back of the box to see what your hair could possibly look like. This is the part where men & women get their hopes up. It's like the lottery. You might win, but you'll ultimately lose every time. 

Sometimes your hair will look like the back of the box, but most of the time, it never gives you the results you're looking for. I decided to take a gamble and try my luck at achieving at least some kind of light brown color. 

My hair before the transformation

For the most part, my hair is pretty dark. It's not completely jet black. My natural hair is more of a dark brown. Looking at the back of the box, I decided to go with this Palty hair dye because I believe it would lighten my hair just a little bit. (I'm thinking about lightning my hair in stages!) 



My hair is officially brown! I would like to thank my sister for helping me dye my hair. She did a great job! You can check out her blog [HERE]. I've always wanted to have light brown hair. I don't think my hair has ever been this shade of brown before. Overall, I am happy with the results :)!

Creeper face :P

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