Emergency Room Visits / False Allegations (part 2)

5:02 PM

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, you should check out my previous blogpost about the whole problem: Emergency Room Visits / False Allegations (part 1)

Roommate received news that all of the allegations of "disorderly conduct" have been rescinded! We are all in the clear and don't have to be worried about any disciplinary actions taken against us. This is a breath of fresh air! Although, none of us would have been personally held responsible, it feels good knowing that we don't have some kind of red mark on our student records. Specially when it comes to housing! It is super competitive to get a spot on campus.

However, now I'm left with all of these feelings of doubt when it comes to the authorities. I feel distrusting of people I come in contact with inside the building. The woman didn't identify herself as a housing attendant until after we left the elevator. She seemed like a genuinely worried individual. Who would've known that she'd complain about us. Maybe it was because she appeared to be an older individual. 

Maybe she's "sick and tired of these darn college kids looking like they're publicly intoxicated on campus ground!" Sure, she could've just been worried. Maybe she was just doing her job. 

However, reading over the rules, I found that no laws have been broken. No alcohol was consumed on the premises. We did not distribute alcohol. We were not wandering around the halls publicly intoxicated. I didn't drink any alcohol, and even IF there was evidence, all of the individuals involved are 21 and older. No laws were broken. We were just trying to bring our roommate to the hospital.

Next time, I'm not going to say anything. I will just say, "Why do you need to know?" or just keep explanations as vague as possible.

Life lessons learned the hard way.

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