Bullet Journal / 2016 Planner

11:53 PM

I have been feeling really proud of my homemade planner! 

I believe this type of notebook is called a "bullet journal" by the online community (Studyblr). The notebook is a "bullet journal" because of its unique lining pattern. The notebook isn't lined in traditional notebook fashion. Instead, each line consists of an assortment of dots or grid pattern. This type of lining allows for crisp handwriting and easy line drawing. 

I bought my bullet journal from Target!
The pens are from the Japanese stationary store, Muji.

These creative notebooks allow the user to write lists or daily inspirational quotes into the journal. In most cases, the pages are decorated with an assortment of washi tapes, stickers, and colorful markers or pens. 

I've seen some beautiful ones online! A lot of students create their own journals to keep track of assignments and exam dates. As a student myself, I feel this will be useful! In fact, this is slowly becoming my new creative outlet. I have a lot of fun creating the pages!

Washi tape and Sharpie anti smudge highlighters!

I bought this pack of washi tapes along with Sharpie highlighters from Target. Although it would be nice to splurge on expensive stationary, you don't need to spend much to decorate your journal. In fact, I believe it's more about creativity. 

I highly suggest you try creating a planner of your own! I know personally, I'm terrible at keeping a planner. I get bored easily and I find myself skipping multiple days and weeks. Once you start missing weeks in your planner, it just feels incomplete. However, since my planner hasn't been fully created yet, I can skip days and not feel guilty. After all, I have yet to create all the pages~!

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