You Call Yourself A Doctor?

9:33 PM

I've been curious, what are your thoughts on cheating?

It's finals season at my university and I've overheard something that disturbed me. I had just finished taking one of my finals, and I was on my way back to my dorm room when I overheard two girls talking.

"The Bio test is so easy. I just bought the test answers online."
"What I didn't know you could do that?!"
"Yeah, just join this Facebook group. They're selling the answers."

I don't know who those girls were personally, but something just seems really wrong with those statements. People sell answers to tests online? I mean cheating is one thing, but outright just buying the answers online? You're not even trying anymore!

These people are probably going to move on and become our future doctors, teachers, researchers, and chemists. How would you feel if you knew that some of them cheated their way to the top? It just doesn't sit right by me.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures? But can you imagine if we all did this?

I don't know what situation they were in, but I felt a little angry on the inside. I spent several hours preparing for my exams. I skipped meals, logged off of my social media, and made sacrifices in my time so that I can get decent grades in my classes. It's infuriating knowing that some people didn't put in any effort. All they had to do was pay some person for all the answers. It's a done deal. You can pass your finals just like that. I'm not in the same class as these girls, but I'm assuming their fellow classmates who actually had to study would feel upset as well.

Can you imagine? One day, you finish your university education. You move on and become a young researcher in a field that makes you look semi-good compared to your doctor friends. You're just wrapping up your trial run for a new life changing drug. The results come back and you find your drugs don't have an effect. So what do you do? Just bump up the statistics. Throw out all the numbers that make your study look bad. It's fine. You've been doing it all throughout your academic career. Just pay people off to say your drug is amazing.

It's quite sad don't you think? Of course, I am not saying that I am the best at studying. Nor am I saying that I have never done anything wrong in my academic career. I know that this world isn't fair. Some people can make it to the top with little to no effort. I just need to know that out in this world there are still some of us who still care.

Please don't cheat. When you cheat, you don't just screw yourself over. Think of the other people you could potentially be putting at risk in the future.

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