My New Apartment / Room!

10:21 PM

Well as you all know from my previous post, my iMac is broken. However, I went home and got my laptop so we can get back on this weekly blogging schedule again~! My replacement computer should be coming in soon, but for now my laptop should be sufficient. 

As promised, here are some photos of my new room!

I like how this photo turned out!
This bed definitely "had a lot of lovin'" as James would say. The mattress was lumpy in the middle and it kinda disturbed me to know that many people probably have slept in this room before me. However, I brought a foam mattress with me when I moved in so at least there's a bit of separation between me and the bed. Also my cute bedsheets and mattress cover sort of help!

This is the desk area where I will spend the next year crying my eyes out before finals studying. Before moving all of my cute office supplies, I gave this desk a through wipe down. I opened the long drawer in the desk and there was this strange white powder littered inside. Super gross, but I cleaned it up! And if you're wondering, yes I keep my cereal and certain breakfast items on top of my desk. There wasn't enough room in the kitchen for my stuff xD!

In this corner, I keep my mini fridge and backpack. I'm super glad that I brought this fridge with me! It holds a lot of my essential foods. Also it looks super cute because it's pastel blue :)! If you want to check out how it looked before here's a link ["Preparations / I'm A Grown Adult"]! On top of the fridge, I keep my espresso machine. I know I haven't formally mentioned that I own an espresso machine, but I've actually had it for a couple of months now. I don't really get to use it every day because of the noise and common courtesy for my room mates, but it makes delicious espresso drinks that remind me of my old job.

I don't know if I'll post photos of the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) in my apartment since I share it with three other girls. I kind of want to respect everyone's privacy so there won't be any photos of it for now! Sorry, perhaps one day I'll make an apartment tour on my Youtube channel :)! We'll see!

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