I Quit My Job

12:51 PM

"Sometimes I want to quit this all and become an accountant now. 
But I'm no good at math and besides the dollars down." 
"The (Shipped) Gold Standard" (Fall Out Boy)

I quit my job last week. Before you say anything, I planned on leaving. I didn't quit because I hate my job. I actually really like working at the coffeeshop. I had to leave my job because I am currently preparing to move to university. So like I usually do, I feel like digesting my feelings on my departure. 

I liked working at the coffeeshop because it's really convenient. Since it's an on campus job, I never have to worry about being late to school. I was part of the opening crew and we had to be on campus by 7:00AM every morning. I am an early bird so waking up wasn't a problem for me. Of course sometimes it gets monotonous going to bed at 10:00PM every night, waking up early, and trading breakfast for perfect eyeliner.

The customers always add a bit of excitement to my day. You never know what kind of people will come into the store. Sometimes there are good days where all the customers are nice, and then there are days when everyone seems to hate you.  

For the most part, I would like to consider myself as someone with thick skin. With that in mind, I always took the insults I received from customers with a grain of salt. Of course, words still hurt. I'm not a robot, but I know that people's disapproval of me is never a true reflection my character or who I am as a person. Although demanding and rude, I think I'm going to miss those crazy demon customers. I would like to thank them for their insults. It made me rethink my life and how I should treat people in the food & service industry. 

Though tough at times, there are many things that I liked about working at my job. I got to work with coffee! I feel like I increased my knowledge of caffeinated beverages after spending time at the coffeeshop. (However, I vow never to become a coffee snob!) It made me really happy to be able to work with an espresso machine and learn what it takes to become a barista. I feel like I am able to more thoroughly appreciate coffee along with admiring the people who work hard to prepare it. 

So that is why I have been gone for a week. I just needed some time to think about life. I feel like everything is finally starting to fall into place. Now that I'm working on this new chapter on my life, I can't wait for new adventures coming my way!

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