My Molang Diary

11:35 AM

I recently purchased this Molang Diary from Amazon! The reason why I decided to get this planner was because my previous planner was messed up because I used ugly colored pens * ^ * ! I felt bad for wasting it, but I didn't feel happy with the way the planner looked. I wanted something cute and simple. Something that matched my personality!

So I landed on this Molang diary!  I like the pastel blue color that I got! The colors are picked at random by the seller. I was actually really hoping that I would get the blue one to be honest ^____^! 

There is a page in the diary that shows a 2015 and 2016 calendar! This is very useful to figure out what day it is!

For the "monthly" pages, the diary is blank so you can easily write down the months and days! It's very convenient because we are currently in the month of May. I'm glad that I didn't have to start all over and skip several months to be in May :)! 

This is how I filled out my calendar! As you can see, May was a pretty busy month for me! I like using all different kinds of pens to write down my schedule for the day. It makes everything look more appealing and it encourages me to get things done!

I thought this checklist page was also a nice addition to the planner! It puts my tasks into perspective, and I can look back and see what I've accomplished throughout the month!

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