Mayhem Festival

11:51 PM

Mayhem Festival was a few weeks ago, but here are the pictures that I took. 
Let me explain to you how monumental this festival was in my life.

My dreams have finally come true!
 I got to hear Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold
live in concert! You have no idea how big of a deal this is to me.
Two of my favorite bands playing all in one show?
Count me in!

(And yes if you are wondering, I am a metal head. I know it may not seem like it
from all those things I post on my blog.)


You can see the whole band in this shot :)!
I was sitting pretty far back, but I somehow still managed to get clear shots of the band.

This is all thanks to my Sony NEX-5T camera!

Matt Heafy in front of the Trivium symbol.

I have the biggest crush on Matt Heafy. 
He's a good guitarist, singer, and writer.

Recently, I have made it my life goal to meet in him in person before I die :P!

If you read how complex Trivium's lyrics are, you can see why I consider them to be
good writers. It's not everyday you hear people use the words "cauterize", "calamity",
and "nigh" in their songs. Somehow they use these words and make it work in their songs.
I believe that takes a lot of talent!

Also it was very cool that they actually played the guitar parts just like in the albums. They didn't take any short cuts or skip any solos. It was all there when they performed live! Gotta give mad props to a band that sounds just as good on the album as they do live!

I also managed to get a few good photos of Korn performing their set.
I have a lot of respect for Korn since they've been in music scene since the 90's!
Gotta give them props for sticking around for so long.

It's refreshing watching Korn play live! It has this sort of "messy" feel and
they are all over the place, but it doesn't seem like they really care. They are really great live and their performance style goes along really well with their music.

Avenged Sevenfold
This was the moment that everyone was waiting for. It was around 9:00PM when Avenged Sevenfold came out to do their set! I was so excited and ready to see them perform. Before they came out, a large fire show ensued and when the curtain dropped, everyone lost their shizz.

Look how cool their set is!
There's fire and a giant skeleton figure sitting on a throne. This really goes along
with their theme of "Hail to the King". I thought it was really cool.

Zacky Vengence, Matt Shadows, Arin Ilejay, and Johnny Christ

This photo is out of focus unfortunately, but it's Zacky Vengence
and Synyster Gates performing their solo to the song "Bat Country" :)!

A more high definition photo of their set!
Look how cool it is

Synyster Gates enjoying the spotlight for a brief moment :3!

Mayhem Festival changed my life forever! I literally had concert
withdrawals afterwards. It felt really good being able to sing along with thousands of other fans. That's what I like so much about concerts. There's this sense of community with you and the other fans. You're all here to cheer on and listen to your favorite bands perform :)! 

There's no better feeling than seeing your favorite
 bands performing together on the same stage.

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